Structure of the Institute

The Board of the Polish Institute of Silver Economy has created the following sections, which are a part of the Institute’s structure. Their aim is to ensure an effective realisation of the Aim of the Institute and of closely defined tasks, which are specified in the description of each section.

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Certification and Quality Management Section

The Certification and Quality Management Section is working on one of the leading goals of the Institute, which is to develop a system of certification of services and housing facilities for older people.

We are carrying out the following tasks:

  • Developing criteria of services for seniors and senior housing facilities certification
  • Definition of quality management standards
  • Cooperation with investors and service providers as of the earliest investing plans
  • Ensuring adequacy of criteria and standards with the expectations of end users, i.e. older people
Section’s Leader: Marzena Rudnicka
Tel.: +48 22 225 30 43

Marzena Rudnickadg
President of the Board of the Polish Institute of Silver Economy, Vice-President of the Construction and Investments Union (Unia Rynku Budowlano-Inwestycyjnego, URBI), expert of the Adam Smith Center.

Owner of Rudnicka & Consulting. She is specializing in the provision of comprehensive services for property developers in the field of commercialisation of housing, office and services investments. She is the author of innovative solutions in the field of silver economy and of a report dealing with silver economy as a new branch of the national economy („Gospodarka senioralna nową gałęzią gospodarki narodowej”, 2013). She is also working on the development of a model for a coherent policy for the building industry’s development in Poland.

Investments’ and Housing’s Projects Section

Our mission is to bring together business and public partners, which are active in the building industry for Seniors. We strive towards the creation of standards for serviced apartments, care facilities, rehabilitation and care facilities, taking into account the expectations and capacities of the market in Poland.

We are carrying out the following tasks:

  • Giving opinions and auditing of investment projects and already existing facilities.
  • Advice in the field of investments’ preparation.
  • Advice in the field of public-private partnerships.
  • Bringing together business partners.
  • Promotion of investments and of companies.
  • Creation of investment projects.
Section’s Director: Tomasz M. SzostekDSC_000031
Mobile: +48 530 189 947

Tomasz M. Szostek
Since 15 years, Tomasz Szostek is advising for commercial investments, he is specialising in the creation of alternative and niche projects and managing administrative proceedings. He is cooperating with developers, housing cooperatives and local authorities.

Since many years, he is promoting public-private partnerships, among others in the construction of medical, touristic and social facilities as well as in the reclassification of postindustrial sites. He is the author of analyses and programmes in the field of development of small cities and restructuring of railway areas.

Finance Section

The Finance Section is dealing with the facilitation of projects’ funding through a cooperation with finance institutions offering various financing instruments: debt and equity instruments.

Field of activity:

  • Cooperation with investors and service providers in the definition of possible financing solutions of projects designed for seniors.
  • Individual checks of projects’ conformity with requirements of available financing solutions, such as: investment loans, mortgages, reverse mortgages, trust accounts, closed investment funds and EU funds.
  • Setting up of cooperation with banks and investment funds and also with central and local public administrations in order to initiate funding of projects.
  • Support for investors in the monitoring of financing issues and of the conformity of the project’s schedule.
Section’s Director: Zbigniew LasotaZdjęcie
Mobile: +48 601 915 135

Zbigniew Lasota
Graduated from the econometrics section of the Economic School (currently, SGH) in Warsaw. He also holds an MBA – Master of Business Administration, of the European University of Montreux, Switzerland.

He gathered practical knowledge and professional experience in the field of finance and capital markets as well as management in the Bank Pekao SA group, where for more than 15 years, he had high managerial positions handling with investment and retirement funds. He also has experience in the field of restructuring of companies and launching of start-ups.

Since the end of his activity in the Bank Pekao SA group, he is making use of his knowledge about finance in the private sector, for some years in the internal control and corporate governance of listed companies and then as financial intermediary.

Co-owner of Euros Ubezpieczenia i Finanse Sp. z o.o. and Euros Broker Sp. z o.o., where he specialises in credits and financing of investment projects concerning construction and services, while offering at the same time a comprehensive insurance protection.

Public Relations and Promotion Section

The Public Relations and Promotion Section is carrying out communication projects and is organising events, which are bringing together representatives of the senior services branch, investors, representatives of central and local authorities and organisations of seniors. We coordinate and we promote the promotion and educational activities of the Institute with the aim to develop the silver economy.

Field of activity:

  • Organisation of events linked with the silver economy: conferences, experts debates, meetings with the press.
  • Realisation of media, information and social campaigns about the silver economy.
  • Preparation of reports and analyses.
  • Activities linked with the promotion of products and services for older people.
  • Production of recorded promotional materials, video and photo reports.
Section’s Director: vacant
Mobile: +48 22 225 30 43


Research and International Cooperation Section

The Research and International Cooperation Section is carrying out research in the field of the silver economy’s development with an interdisciplinary approach and is also cooperating with foreign research institutions.

Field of activity:

  • Conducting research about the silver economy in the framework of EU programmes (Horizon 2020) and initiatives.
  • Elaboration of conceptions of solutions and models of elderly care
  • Exchange of experiences between stakeholders on the silver economy market, including between developing and developed markets.
  • Analysis of the influence of demographic changes on the functioning of cities.
Section’s Director: Dr.-Ing. Agnieszka Cieśla
Mobile: +48 507 514 558

Dr.-Ing. Agnieszka Cieśla
She graduated from the Architecture Section of the Cracow University of Technology. Since 2013 she holds a PhD from the Bauhaus University in Weimar, where she analysed the issue of shrinking cities in Germany and Poland.

She specialises in research about the influence of demographic change on the territorial, social and economic development. She has experience as an architect and urban planner. She carries out research in cooperation with national and foreign research institutions (Warsaw, Cracow, Aalborg, Weimar, Berlin, Kassel).

New Technologies Section

Our mission is to improve the well-being of older people or dependent people through a proper use of technologies, devices and systems supporting diagnoses, therapies, rehabilitation and everyday life, including also the communication with the family and friends through social media specially designed for seniors.

Among our activities, we aim to integrate producers of devices and software as well as institutions providing medical or care services in the field of validation, integration and development of devices or technologies for an optimal use of serviced apartments, which also ensure safety through a constant monitoring of dependent persons.

Our Section deals with:

  • the assessment of the suitability of technologies designed to be used for e-health and m-health when services are provided for older people,
  • the design and validation of systems to manage services for the elderly or in the “silver environment”,
  • carrying out of R&D activities in the field of telemonitoring, telecare, telesupervision, teleprevention, teleconsultation and telerehabilitation, especially designed for dependent persons,
  • the assessment of the usefulness of manipulators and robots facilitating the life of dependent persons.

Director of the New Technologies Section: Jarosław Bułka
Tel.: +48 22 225 30 43

dr inż. Jarosław BułkaZdjęcie

Biocyberneticist, graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics in AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland; lecturer in the Department of Biocybernetics, Institute of Automatics and Biomedical Engineering in AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland. Author of over 50 publications in the field of biomedical signal processing, neural networks in medical diagnostics and telemedicine and information systems supporting medical diagnosis. Co-organizer of many trade conferences.

Secretary of the Conference of Rectors of Polish Technical Universities between 1999 and 2002. Since 2001 Secretary of the Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology. Since 2010, expert of the Association of Polish Counties. From 2012 – Technology Expert of the Centre for Technologic Forecasts of the Cracow Technology Park. Board Member of the Life Science Cluster. Since 2013 – Member of the Scientific Board of the Malopolska Centre for Translational Medicine, co-founder and VP of Silvermedia.

Section dealing with the Cooperation with Local Authorities

The Section dealing with the Cooperation with Local Authorities is conducting the cooperation with representatives of local authorities. We are concentrating our activities on the realisation of projects financed by EU funds in partnership with local governments’ units.

Field of activity:

  • Management of projects financed by EU and national funds.
  • Elaboration of instruments for the development of the silver economy.
  • Support for the social participation of older people.
Section’s Director: Agata Miśkowiec
Tel.: +48 22 225 30 43


Agata Miśkowiec

Economist and lawyer with nearly 10 years of working experience in the public sector. She specializes in consulting related to investments in the long term care sector, market research, certification of services and products dedicated to the elderly, as well as building strategies and financial analysis in health and social care.

She gained professional experience, among others, in Belgium, Great Britain and the United States. She has hands-on experience with innovative solutions for the care of elderly which she now tries to apply to the Polish market. She completed over 30 advisory projects for local governments, hospitals and other types of clients. She published numerous articles mainly in the field of long term care and local government finances (including articles in ‘Samorząd Terytorialny’, ‘Wspólnota’, ‘Rzeczpospolita’, ‘Working Papers NBP’, ‘Applied Economic Letters’).

Since 2012 she has worked for Public Consulting Group (PCG), where she currently heads the Health practice for Poland and the United Kingdom.

Legal and EU Funds Section

Field of activity:

  • Advice concerning the EU Multiannual Financial Framework (2014-2020)
  • Drafting of projects for EU financing, incl. the OP “WER” (Wiedza, Edukacja, Rozwój, i.e. Knowledge, Education, Developpement)
  • Realisation in partnership with local authorities’ units of projects financed by EU funds
Section’s Leader: Robert Gwiazdowski
Tel.: +48 22 225 30 43


Robert Gwiazdowski
Chair of the Institute’s Council, habilitated doctor in law and law professor at Łazarski University, where he is teaching economic analysis of law, financial law, fiscal policy and history of political, legal and economical thought. He is a lawyer and tax adviser. He is an adviser to a number of companies and has extensive experience as an independent member of supervisory boards of listed companies and to institutions.

As a member of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych), he did already in 2006 warn about problems of the pension scheme. Between 2004 and 2014, he was the President of the Adam Smith Center – the First Independent Institute in Poland.

Opole Branch

The Institute’s branch in Opole was established in order to carry out effectively activities for the development of the silver economy at the regional level.

We are carrying out the following tasks:

  • Boosting innovation and silver economy’s development at the regional level
  • Development of older people’s interests advocacy
  • Educational, counselling and expert support for other NGOs in the field of social, cultural and educational activity of older persons
  • Cooperation with the Opole University and with other higher education institutions in the framework of preparation of an educational offer specifically adapted to the needs and interests of older persons
  • Launching of international exchange projects for seniors
  • Implementation of projects/programmes in the field of prevention, health care, rehabilitation and standardisation of medical services for older persons (incl. financing by external funds, among others European funds)
Director of the Opole Branch: –
Tel.:+ 48 22 225 30 43


Institute's Office

The Office of the Institute ensures the coordination of projects of the Institute and of the work of its experts. The Director and his staff are available on an everyday basis to all partners and stakeholders who are interested in cooperating with the Institute. They provide information about the Institute as well as about cooperation possibilities.

Director of the Institute’s Office: Rafał Baczyński-Sielaczek
Tel.: +48 22 225 30 43

Rafał Baczyński-Sielaczek

Experienced manager with a long professional record for many polish non goverment organisations – Polish Humanitarian Action, Institute of Public Affairs or EMIC Fundation.