Aim of the Institute

The aim of the foundation Polish Institute of Silver Economy is to support activities promoting the silver economy and to develop a cooperation between stakeholders in this field: governmental and local authorities, entrepreneurs, social research centers and organisations of older people.

The foundation carries out its aims through the following activities:

  1. scientific research, educational and publishing endeavours in the field of the silver economy development with a holistic approach,
  2. undertaking and supporting sustainable silver economy development activities,
  3. supporting the development of science and education contributing to the development of the silver economy,
  4. supporting activities promoting and protecting the rights of seniors,
  5. implementation and dissemination of pragmatic solutions concerning senior housing problems in a market economy,
  6. development of training programmes and organisation of staff development processes for external stakeholders, scholarship programmes for school-age and university youth, volunteers and organisation of staff development processes for external stakeholders,
  7. cooperation with scientific institutions and foreign economic organisations in the silver economy field,
  8. advice to central and local authorities in the framework of the realisation of municipal and regional policies, with a particular emphasis on development strategies, revitalisation programmes and other local policies contributing to the development of the silver economy,
  9. advice to professional organisations and economic entities in the field of real estate, including land use planning, housing and humanisation of housing estates,
  10. exchange of experiences and standards between participants of the services market for older people, including between emerging markets and developed ones,
  11. development and introduction of certification and classification of housing facilities and services for older people,
  12. steering and support (financial, in kind or organisational) for:
    • measures designed for more equal opportunities for older people or people at risk of social exclusion,
    • scholarships and training programs for school-age and university youth, volunteers and specialists in various fields,
    • measures supporting growth through innovation,
    • civic counseling in the form of independent services supporting the independence of citizens,
  13. organisation of assistance and services for businesses and other entities interested in using the experience of the Foundation,
  14. giving opinions and boosting economic initiatives and legal solutions,
  15. organisation of conferences, symposia and scholarships,
  16. awards for individuals and institutions standing out in the accomplishment of the statutory objectives of the Foundation.

The foundation carries out its statutory goals also through membership in organisations bringing together Polish and foreign foundations with statutory aims similar or analogical to the ones of the foundation.