Are you interested by the activities of the Polish Institute of Silver Economy? Do you support the development of services and products for older persons? Are you willing to support the increase of the level of services designed especially for older persons, who need help?


Here you will find information about how to help us.


The Institute is a foundation based on Polish law. The Institute has legal personality.

We are carrying out activities supporting economic growth and promoting innovation in the field of silver economy. We are working among others to support the elderly, older disabled persons and their families and also to support the development of local communities.

We accept donations, which will allow us to carry out statutory aims and to cover the costs of our activity.


We propose to all donors to insert information about the Donor and the amount of the donation on the website of the Institute.


Fiscal benefits for donors

On the basis of the Polish Natural Persons’ Income Tax Act, Donors are entitled to a tax reduction resulting from the donation.

A donation entitles to a reduction of the income’s tax base of the donor. A donor can also substract the amount of the donation from the tax base to the amount of the donation, not more however than an amount of 6% of the income of the donor (art. 26 para. 1 pt 9 of the Natural Persons’ Income Tax Act in conjunction with art. 3 and 4 of the Public Benefit and Volunteer Work Act).


Information for fiscal purposes

Beneficiary’s identification:

Name: Krajowy Instytut Gospodarki Senioralnej (Polish Institute of Silver Economy)
Address: ul. Wilanowska 14 lok. 51, 00-422 Warsaw, Poland

The Institute issues declarations to the Donors on the acceptation of donations.