Platform for the exchange of contacts, knowledge and services

We propose to create an information and counselling space based on the experience of the Founders of the Institute and of experts cooperating with the Institute.

The Institute aims to provide a quick and effective contact between the participants of the Platform.


For whom? The Institute invites entrepreneurs, investors, operators of facilities for older people, insurers, organisations of older people and all stakeholders from Poland, Europe and beyond interested in such an exchange of contacts, knowledge and services in the field of silver economy.


Functioning and participation principles: the Platform has been launched as soon as the Institute has been created. The Platform is functioning with the help of the Institute’s office. Participation in exchanges via the Platform takes place in the framework of projects carried out by the Institute as well as on a day to day basis. The Institute invites to submit topics of interest and it will ensure help to any stakeholders in order to find appropriate contacts and knowledge and also access to services.