Silver Economy

„We support the silver economy” – the silver economy is main field of activity of the Institute.


The definition of the concept of silver economy developed by Marzena Rudnicka, President of the Institute, has been published in a report on silver economy as a new branch of national economy („Gospodarka senioralna. Nowy sektor gospodarki narodowej w Polsce”, 2013). This branch of the economy is based on a system of production of goods and services aimed at the use of the purchasing potential of older people and meeting their consumption, living and health needs.

As regards the concept of “silver economy” Marzena Rudnicka has elaborated concepts of a „cluster of services for older people” (klaster usług senioralnych), „establishments for older people” (placówki seniora) and “housing estates for older people” (osiedla seniora). The model of a „cluster of services for older people” foresees the existence of a platform providing a structured and comprehensive management system of care services and other linked services in the field of the silver economy. The concept of “establishments for older people” however reduces the scope of the facility to an infrastructurally organised unit of residence for seniors, while the concept of “housing estates for older people” consists of a set of entities forming a functional residential and service’s ensemble designed for seniors.

For the purpose of the activity of the Institute, we apply a broad definition of the silver economy, which takes into account its various branches, namely medical and sanatorium care, housing, labour market and training for caregivers, funding of programs and economic initiatives… We invite you to read the analysis of the Institute in the field and to participate in the exchange of contacts, knowledge and services platform.